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Re: BuildRoot in spec files?

On Thursday 15 February 2007 08:31, Steve G wrote:
> Why is BuildRoot in spec files? (Don't say tradition.) It seems to me that
> its a _build system_ tunable and not something that each spec file should
> do differently. Can we define that in rpmmacros and take it out of all spec
> files? The fact that it comes up in spec file reviews and we are supposed
> to have the _same thing_ in each file just screams to be relocated to a
> central place and no longer controlled by each spec file.

A macro doesn't work.  It won't get used unless BuildRoot is in the spec file.  
yes this is a "bug" in rpm.  There have been patches submitted to rpm.org 
upstream to set BuildRoot completely internal to rpm and remove it completely 
from the spec file.  However it will take some time for this change to get 
integrated and put into a release of rpm we ship, and may not be ported to 
older releases for which we still maintain packages.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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