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Re: Smolt: firsboot revisited

On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
For YOU, but ... the fact "$big business" is running 42 Fedora 6
machines with 9 of them being equipped with a topsecret "IBMINTAMD"
processor at 50 GHz in their development departments might be a business

Then $big business should either not check "Yes" (i.e., changing the default) or (more likely) they're installing via kickstart anyway and won't even install Smolt, much less run it.

No, it is not, but (at least some) Germans probably will be very
reluctant to fill out such forms and be very careful about what they
fill out.

Yes, there are people like this all over the world. This is not uniquely a German trait.

German laws probably would mandate to keep the machine id separate from
the IP or not to record the IP at all.

As Dennis said, we do keep the IP logged separately. The information (including system ID) is transmitted via POST, therefore none of that data ends up in the web log, just in the database.


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