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Re: Smolt: firsboot revisited

On Thursday 15 February 2007 07:13, you wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 06:48 -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> > Once upon a time Thursday 15 February 2007 2:43 am, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> > > Yes, but this thread started with "Shall smolt be installed by
> > > default", so the question wasn't "opt-in/opt-out", it was "installed by
> > > default"
> > >
> > > I expressed my opinion and said: No, ...
> >
> > by installed by default we want to give users the option at first boot to
> > send in their profile if they so choose.  nothing more
> >
> > Stop making this about more than it is
> Gradually I am loosing patience. Are you smolt guys really so narrow
> minded and blind?
Don't take things off list please you need to look at the code of not use 
smolt i don't care either way.  no one is making you use smolt  so don't   
> I perceive smolt as SPYWARE, spying at data which I am not interested in
> to communicate to anybody, nor being traded nor whatelse. Neither to
> Fedora nor to RH nor the NSA the FSB or anybody nor a hacker having
> cracked into anywhere inbetween.
> And before you start shoot at me accusing you to implement spyware, you
> want look up spyware in Wikipedia:
> http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware:
> "Als Spyware wird ├╝blicherweise Software bezeichnet, die pers├Ânliche
> Daten eines PC-Benutzers ohne dessen Wissen oder Zustimmung an den
> Hersteller der Software (Call Home) oder an Dritte sendet oder dazu
> genutzt wird, dem Benutzer direkt Produkte anzubieten."
> Rough, almost literal translation:
> "Spyware is the common naming of software, which transmits a PC-users's
> personal data without his knowledge or consent to the manufacturer of
> the software (Call Home) or to third parties or which is being used to
> directly offer a user products."
> That is, they key it to "transmission" and the definition of "personal
> data".
Smolt does not transmit anything without anyones consent   and there is 
nothing personaly identifiable in there.  unless you give the key out i.e 
your UUID.  all data is transmitted with the full consent of the user only.
> Now compare this to the one found on the English wikipedia. They differ
> substantially.
> Yet another indication for a major cultural/natural background.
> Apparently one, preventing people at RH to understand what all this fuzz
> is about.
I personally have nothing to do with RH   im not a employee nor am I a share 


I'm going to ask you to stop what you are doing now as you are making yourself 
look like an idiot.  everything you say smolt should do it does.  its opt in, 
it has nothing personally identifiable.  you don't listen to anybody and you 
don't base your arguments on facts.  the code to smolt is released under the 
GPL  you are free to audit it at any point in time and file bugs for things.  
you are not being forced to use it. Open your narrow mind and see the big 
picture here.  

for now shut up and stop wasting peoples times with your rants and FUD.
Dennis Gilmore, RHCE

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