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Fedora 7 media sets

Since test1 and FUDcon there's been a lot of feedback on what media sets
we should actually build, test and distribute by default.  It's pretty
clear that the mix of "desktop bits without any development" didn't
really fit the needs of a lot of our users.  And the incredibly long
thread about what belongs in a server spin showed that we don't really
have a good handle on what use cases we're actually trying to fill with

Given this, the board stepped back to think a bit about what we're
trying to achieve and what the problems we were trying to fix.  The list
was pretty short:
     1. Must provide a way for people to do their own custom versions
        including packages from all of the Fedora universe. 
     2. Want to provide at least one installable "single CD Fedora" to
        help in parts of the world with less bandwidth
     3. Need to provide a way to install via media for the following
              * Desktop environment
              * Developer use
              * Simple LAMP server
 4. Try to be as little of a burden on our mirror and testing
    infrastructure as possible.

Given the above, we'd like to look at doing a somewhat different set of
bits for Fedora 7 than was previously in the plan.  But, we're still
open to feedback to change things somewhat.  The on the table things
      * Fedora 7 Desktop LiveCD.  It's installable and it's a single CD,
        so it's a good step towards the single installable desktop CD
      * Fedora 7 DVD.  With everything for desktop, development and
        "mainstream" server tasks. This ends up replacing what was
        previously Fedora Core. There's something of an open question as
        to whether we'd provide CD isos here or not.  Or CD isos via
        bittorrent only?
      * Fedora 7 Everything. 2+ DVDs. More bits than you can shake a
        stick at. Not available on the mirrors; bittorrent only.
        Hopefully can share the first disc with the Fedora 7 DVD.  This
        would be the most at-risk and the most likely to fall off due to
        time pressure.
      * Make your own Fedora 7 step-by-step guide. This is important to
        help ensure that people understand and can make their own custom

Also, Rex is continuing to lead the efforts for the Fedora 7 KDE release
and hopefully the Fedora 7 KDE LiveCD.

This feels like it'll get us to a place that's reasonable for Fedora 7
and to where we can then actually get experimentation done with "hey,
how can I get a single CD" rather than putting Fedora 7 on the line for
the experimentation.

Comments?  Flames?  ... 


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