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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

>      3. Need to provide a way to install via media for the following
>         cases:
>               * Desktop environment
>               * Developer use

Isn't the "workstation" class an already well established term and preferable to chose?

>       * Fedora 7 DVD.  With everything for desktop, development and
>         "mainstream" server tasks. This ends up replacing what was
>         previously Fedora Core. There's something of an open question as
>         to whether we'd provide CD isos here or not.  Or CD isos via
>         bittorrent only?
>       * Fedora 7 Everything. 2+ DVDs. More bits than you can shake a
>         stick at. Not available on the mirrors; bittorrent only.
>         Hopefully can share the first disc with the Fedora 7 DVD.  This
>         would be the most at-risk and the most likely to fall off due to
>         time pressure.

Going for "Bittorrent" only for certain spins is a -very- bad idea. "Bittorrent" is blocked in certain academic and probably also enterprise environments. It's very frustrating to sit behind a "firewall" and have the necessary bandwith but no images to download. Even if "Fedora" will increase in size, it won't do that by an order of magnitude but only by a factor of 2 or so. After all, the overwhelming part of download bandwith is provided [voluntarily] by mirror sites, so I do not see a problem here.
Up to now, I have not been able to download any "FC6" respin image because they can only be retrieved via "Bittorrent" .. # !&*#
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