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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 16:01 +0000, Dimitrios Glezos wrote:
> Also, I suggest to also ship a *Minimal* spin. For the users who have aDSL
> (which are probably most of our users), downloading the needed packages via
> Anaconda is probably quicker than downloading a whole DVD (besides, burning a CD
> is cheaper than a DVD). I usually download only one CD (which I write on a CDRW)
> to do the install, so it would be nice if that iso was 100 instead of 600MB.
> Besides, now that Anaconda has "Extras" support, more users would actually make
> use of this Minimal spin, since it doesn't reflect to "minimal installation" but
> more to "minimal download size".

How is this different from the rescue CD which we have today (and will
continue to have)?

> Finally, would it be possible to install from minimal and have it download
> *updated* packages instead of the default-release ones? This way, installing FC7
> 4 months after its release would mean downloading only 100MB + 2GB instead of
> 4GB (DVD) plus 1GB (updates).

You can point at updates now; we don't list it by default because there
are some non-fun interactions with media based installs.


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