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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

Jeremy Katz wrote:

Just putting the bits on the DVD isn't enough to be able to install from
it.  The metadata on the first disc has to encompass all of them, there
has to be some kind of reasonable way to opt-in to the fact that you've
got everything, package ordering could be ... interesting.  Also, the
fact that the metadata will have everything ends up meaning that the
memory requirements are higher due to "more bits".  Or how do you drop
the bits you no longer need.

I did something like that a long time ago.  Translated to current times and
Linux it should be as easy as:
1 On the first DVD create two directories. fc7dvd and everything for example fc7dvd contains the metadata for the first dvd only. everything contains the metadata for the 2nd dvd. If the user selects an everything install anaconda
reads the metadata from both fc7dvd and everything (I don't know how hard
this is to do). Or just have the full metadata for both dvds in \everything.
This might waste a little space as I don't know how much space is used by
the metadata.
2 At the boot screen the default is fedora dvd and reads from the fc7dvd
directory.  If the types linux everything then anaconda reads from the
everything directory or from both depending on which way you go.

Just my 2 pennies.

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