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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

On 2/15/07, Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:
Going for "Bittorrent" only for certain spins is a -very- bad idea. "Bittorrent" is blocked in certain academic and probably also enterprise environments.

I concur, this was actually a very real problem at my previous edu and
gov addresses.  I had enough pull with the it people and foresight to
clear my usage of bittorrrent for the specific purpose of getting
fedora, and got a specific ip address cleared to run a bt client, for
a limited time period. But I'm sure everyone's pretty aware by now
that i'm especially special, and it would be difficult to expect
everyone to have such success poking holes in their
academic/government/corporate firewalls for downloading fedora.

If you do a bittorrent only iso, which proves to be very popular.. you
may want a way for people who can't get the iso via bt to register a
note so you can track how common the problem is, in proportion to the
number of bt downloads. You may want to have a backup plan in place
specifically to address the needs of people with local policy rules
which limit the use of bt clients.. if its clear its a big enough
problem and not just a couple of people. I think its a bigger problem
then anyone realizes..but of course metrics are nigh impossible to

-jef"Is there a potential here for some sort of bt to dynamic URL

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