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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

--- Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> wrote:

> Since test1 and FUDcon there's been a lot of feedback on what media
> sets
> we should actually build, test and distribute by default.  It's
> pretty
> clear that the mix of "desktop bits without any development" didn't
> really fit the needs of a lot of our users.  And the incredibly long
> thread about what belongs in a server spin showed that we don't
> really
> have a good handle on what use cases we're actually trying to fill
> with
> it.
> Given this, the board stepped back to think a bit about what we're
> trying to achieve and what the problems we were trying to fix.  The
> list
> was pretty short:
>      1. Must provide a way for people to do their own custom versions
>         including packages from all of the Fedora universe. 

Yes.  And make it _really easy_.

>      2. Want to provide at least one installable "single CD Fedora"
> to
>         help in parts of the world with less bandwidth
>      3. Need to provide a way to install via media for the following
>         cases:
>               * Desktop environment
>               * Developer use
>               * Simple LAMP server
>  4. Try to be as little of a burden on our mirror and testing
>     infrastructure as possible.
> Given the above, we'd like to look at doing a somewhat different set
> of
> bits for Fedora 7 than was previously in the plan.  But, we're still
> open to feedback to change things somewhat.  The on the table things
> are:
>       * Fedora 7 Desktop LiveCD.  It's installable and it's a single
> CD,
>         so it's a good step towards the single installable desktop CD
>         case.
>       * Fedora 7 DVD.  With everything for desktop, development and
>         "mainstream" server tasks. This ends up replacing what was
>         previously Fedora Core. There's something of an open question
> as
>         to whether we'd provide CD isos here or not.  Or CD isos via
>         bittorrent only?
>       * Fedora 7 Everything. 2+ DVDs. More bits than you can shake a
>         stick at. Not available on the mirrors; bittorrent only.
>         Hopefully can share the first disc with the Fedora 7 DVD. 
> This
>         would be the most at-risk and the most likely to fall off due
> to
>         time pressure.

How about some forward thinking- 1 hd-dvd/bluray iso.  To anyone who
complains about not having said hardware, tell them how easy it is to
launch this live-iso in qemu, and then run the simple commandline/gui
to generate any standard spin (or any arbitrary customization of any
standard spin).  Again, reiterating above ... make it _really easy to
do this_.

Also, make it trivial to copy this iso to a usb harddisk, along with a
simple way to boot from the iso on the harddisk (bootloader install on
the harddisk and/or small floppy/cdrom bootstrap come to mind, but I'm
just thinking out loud here)

>       * Make your own Fedora 7 step-by-step guide. This is important
> to
>         help ensure that people understand and can make their own
> custom
>         spins.

In my best Mr. Burns voice... Exccccelllent :)

> Also, Rex is continuing to lead the efforts for the Fedora 7 KDE
> release
> and hopefully the Fedora 7 KDE LiveCD.
> This feels like it'll get us to a place that's reasonable for Fedora
> 7
> and to where we can then actually get experimentation done with "hey,
> how can I get a single CD" rather than putting Fedora 7 on the line
> for
> the experimentation.
> Comments?  Flames?  ... 

Sounds like things are moving in a good direction to me.


> Jeremy
> -- 
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