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Re: Smolt: firsboot revisited

On 2/15/07, R P Herrold <herrold owlriver com> wrote:
On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> Did you look at the code like i asked last time ?  IP's are
> not collected. the data is transmitted by post so there is
> is no way to tie a UUID to an ip

ummm ... don't be silly -- it is trivial to associate an
originating IP to a POST

This test widget at http://www.herrold.com/post/ has this
HTML code to the client:

<form method="post">
Digits only please: <input type="text" name="acme"><br>
<input type="submit" name="show" value="show">

and reveals the REMOTE_ADDR quite readily.

The source PHP may be viewed at:


-- Russ Herrold

I have to agree with this. Not that I think that this is specifically
a problem. But it was false to imply that an HTTP Post is immune to IP
Fedora Core 6 and proud

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