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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

--- Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:

> > Trust me, "everything" install media as you described will exist
> for
> > F7. Maybe it'll just be a 20G bluray iso since nobody cares enough
> to
> > do the whole disc-split-pkgorder stuff, but it'll be there. 
> (wearing
> > only my non-corporate-sponsored bad-track-history prognostication
> hat).
> Yes, but the question is wether it will be only accessible by
> "Bittorrent" or not as expressed earlier in this thread. Btw, a total
> size 20 GB is largely exaggerated. I would rather expect 2 standard
> DVD images per architecture [not counting the sources which have
> always been shipped separately].

Is "Bittorrent" something different from bittorrent?  Honestly, I think
this has been said before- but if a set of data available via
bittorrent is not popular enough that someone decides to mirror it with
http, thats just too bad.

Of course, now I'm thinking about whether its possible to use a
combination of fuse, iso9660, bittorrent, and yum to provide a software
repository distribution mechanism that doesn't rely on http mirrors
with lots of space and bandwidth...

(i.e. think fuse-bittorentfs with an iso9660 layer in there, and a
default yum base config that plays well with such a configuration. 
Probably too much overhead in there, but it sounds tempting to me)


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