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Re: Fedora 7 media sets

--- Jane Dogalt <jdogalt yahoo com> wrote:

> --- Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:
> > > Trust me, "everything" install media as you described will exist
> > for
> > > F7. Maybe it'll just be a 20G bluray iso since nobody cares
> enough
> > to
> > > do the whole disc-split-pkgorder stuff, but it'll be there. 
> > (wearing
> > > only my non-corporate-sponsored bad-track-history prognostication
> > hat).
> > 
> > Yes, but the question is wether it will be only accessible by
> > "Bittorrent" or not as expressed earlier in this thread. Btw, a
> total
> > size 20 GB is largely exaggerated. I would rather expect 2 standard
> > DVD images per architecture [not counting the sources which have
> > always been shipped separately].
> Is "Bittorrent" something different from bittorrent?  Honestly, I
> think
> this has been said before- but if a set of data available via
> bittorrent is not popular enough that someone decides to mirror it
> with
> http, thats just too bad.
> Of course, now I'm thinking about whether its possible to use a
> combination of fuse, iso9660, bittorrent, and yum to provide a
> software
> repository distribution mechanism that doesn't rely on http mirrors
> with lots of space and bandwidth...
> (i.e. think fuse-bittorentfs with an iso9660 layer in there, and a
> default yum base config that plays well with such a configuration. 
> Probably too much overhead in there, but it sounds tempting to me)
And of course to encourage participation in the fedora-skynet-grid you
make it an enablable option checkbox right next to the smolt enable
checkbox, along with an explanation that if they do so, 10% of their
average used CPU time, 10% of their average used disk space, and 10% of
their average used network bandwidth, will be used to participate in
this grid (just a big bittorrent mirror of the master 30G all-arches F8
snapshot live iso).

Anybody know if bittorrent handles well the case when you have 1000
clients offering 10G of space to communally mirror a 100G file?

That sounds like a "community operating system" to me :)

(for updates, I'm thinking a master server builds a daily snapshot iso,
then distributes it to other mirrors via xdelta from the master iso
bits of the prior day, then all the clients access via the same
bittorrent-iso-fuse-fs thing.  Though there are probably a couple holes
that need filling in that design...)




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