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Intro : Mark McLaughlin And Suggestions

Hello folks!

My name is Mark McLaughlin, I am a Writer and a FAN of Fedora!

Here are suggestions for FUTURE Fedora Releases...

Borrowing from Windows Vista :

An Expanded Start Menu, showing additional helpful info
A Sidebar of Widgets of Weather Forecasts, Alarm Clock, Stock Ticker, Sports
Ticker, News Ticker.

Borrowing from MAC OS X :

Spotlight, a QUICK means to find whatever you need to find.
Songbird Software Integration that works with an IPOD a la itunes.

My Ideas :

Star Wars Scrollup Screen Saver, text you type in, scroll into outer space just like in
those classic movies!

A very good modular video editor, burrowing ideas from Final Cut Express.

A very good Podcast Studio software, something similar to Audacity and GarageBand.

Finally, older Windoze 98/2000/XP games should be supported via WINEX or something similar.

I maintain a BLOG at fedoraworld.blogspot.com, if you have any inside news on Fedora 7 and beyond, please e-mail anything to me so I can include it on my blog, thanks!

Mark McLaughlin - fedoraworld.blogspot.com

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