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Re: Intro : Mark McLaughlin And Suggestions

Quoting Markus McLaughlin <markmc34 verizon net>:

> Borrowing from Windows Vista :
> An Expanded Start Menu, showing additional helpful info

Too cluttered IMHO.

> A Sidebar of Widgets of Weather Forecasts, Alarm Clock, Stock Ticker,
> Sports
> Ticker, News Ticker.

Already available with an application called gdesklets and superkaramba in KDE.
Microsoft Windows Vista is not that innovative at all because most of features
are already available in both Linux, BSD and OSX (Yahoo widget formely known as
Konbafulator which can be used in Windows XP/2000/2003).

> Borrowing from MAC OS X :
> Spotlight, a QUICK means to find whatever you need to find.

Already available with an search engine like Beagle to name a few.

> Songbird Software Integration that works with an IPOD a la itunes.

 Songbird can be made available for Fedora with gstreamer as backend engine
without patented formats.

> My Ideas :
> Star Wars Scrollup Screen Saver, text you type in, scroll into outer
> space just like in
> those classic movies!
Already available AFAIK through xscreensavers.

> A very good modular video editor, burrowing ideas from Final Cut
> Express.

Try Kino. Cinerrela is another tool but is not included in repository due to the
use of patented format.

> A very good Podcast Studio software, something similar to Audacity
> and GarageBand.

Audacity is already available for Fedora in repository.

> Finally, older Windoze 98/2000/XP games should be supported via WINEX
> or something similar.
Wine is already available and can run most of Windows games. BTW, Winex is now
known as Cedega.

Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project contributor

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