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Re: Intro : Mark McLaughlin And Suggestions

On 2/18/07, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Additional point is starting with Fedora 7, users will be able to further
customize their own Fedora right before the installation. Only limit is the
user creativity.

Or perhaps we can add as "documents" or "attached to Release Notes"
some notes and screenshots of those features that Fedora is shipping.
Not everyone knows all the list of packages fedora is shipping and how
they can be used. Possibly, if we can write somewhere in the spin,
what people can do to customize their own fedora with fedora packages
will be fun.

We have now Fedora Statistics showing how far Fedora has been
successful and we are having more and more end users trying fedora. it
would be nice to let them know the features fedora provides that are
not setup by default.

Perhaps after Fosdem, I'll start doing my own list for the kde spin.

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