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Re: Fedora Creative Suite Proposal

On Sunday 18 February 2007, Markus McLaughlin wrote:
> What's needed for a Creative Person such as myself in a Multimedia
> Fedora Spin...
> The latest OpenOffice 2.1(openoffice.org;) NVU.com, (Web Editor;)
> GIMPshop (very good hack of GIMP;) Scribus (newsletter;) Kino (Video
> Editor;) Audacity (Sound Editor;) VideoLAN Client; WINE support for
> Picasa (iphoto clone;) Firefox 2, Thunderbird 2, and GAIM.
> A special Live CD or DVD with just multimedia software enabled would
> be SOOOOO cool!

One of the goals of the changes made for Fedora 7 is to allow users to create 
customized spins that may contain whatever software they like.

Fedora has a firm commitment to Free and Open Source Software.  As such, tools 
like Picasa cannot be included in Fedora.  The download provided by Google 
can be installed and used on Fedora, though I cannot personally recommend it.  
If you look through some of the other packages available in Fedora, you may 
be surprised at some of the alternatives that are present.

OpenOffice.org 2.2, Scribus, Audacity, Wine, Firefox, Thunderbird and Gaim are 
already in the Fedora trees.  GIMP and a few other similar tools are also 
included, though nobody has felt it worthwhile to package GIMPshop for 
inclusion.  Nvu also awaits a patient packager, though RPMs are available 
elsewhere.  Kino and VLC make extensive use of patented formats and so are 
not eligible for inclusion in Fedora, but Fedora-compatible RPMs are 
available from third parties.


With the new tools and architecture of Fedora 7, you can gather these packages 
and produce your own media containing just what you want, not that you 
couldn't already, it's just easier now.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com



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