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Re: xorg 7.2 for FC6

On Monday 19 February 2007 11:39, Adam Jackson wrote:
> What I need, I think, is a way to tell brew (possibly mock) to keep a
> buildroot around for multiple related jobs, with an additional "update"
> phase corresponding to the :'s above, in which the output of the
> previous passes become available for use as BuildRequires.  This would
> be useful outside the scope of updates too; say I wanted to fix a .pc
> file to list fewer needless libraries, and I wanted to rebuild
> everything downstream of that package to verify that they all still
> build.

Close, but not quite the RFE I've expressed for Koji, the buildsystem we'll 
use for the merged Core/Extras.

Instead of keeping the buildroot and reusing it, it would instead make the 
just built packages available for your next buildroot, yours alone.  This 
would allow you to chainbuild a list of intertwined packages using previous 
results in the buildroot but still using a fresh buildroot each time, and 
still landing all the builds in -candidate.  Most likely not possible in F7 
timeframe though.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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