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Re: Fedora power management

--- Jay Cliburn <jacliburn bellsouth net> wrote:

> I'm trying to hack/test a network driver's ability to suspend,
> resume,
> and wake-on-lan (while suspended).  This is on a rawhide x86_64
> desktop
> system.  Is the Fedora pm-stuff documented anywhere?  I can't seem to
> find anything on the wiki, and the only related manpage is for
> pm-pmu.

I would specifically like to know the process for moving to a new swap
partition(file?) or creating a new one after install.  I.e. how the
whole suspend1 hibernate pulls that in.  Does mkinitrd pull in the
first swap entry from fstab?  Is there any user documentation that
explains limitations.  I.e. is it possible to use swapfiles now with
the default suspend.  I admit, my case of using the atrpms suspend2
packages probably makes my case unsupportable, but it does seem to me
that suspend1 was added in fc5 with no documentation, and I haven't run
into any documentation since.

Just my 2 cents worth of end user confusion...


P.S. also, if anyone can help me with suspend2, the cpuspeed management
seems to stop working on my core duo after the first hibernate, and
occasionally I get in a state where hibernation fails and the machine
enters swap thrash effectively failure mode.  I'm sure the answer is
"suspend2 is crap", but having to use swap partitions I find rather
crappy as well.  (again, if that limitation of default hibernate in fc6
is gone, I'd love to be pointed towards any kind of reasonable
documentation.  Also, can default fc6 suspend do hibernate to lvm swap

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