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Re: anaconda update time needs to be improved (really)

dragoran wrote:

> Update time was ~90-120min depending on the sys.
> Why does the update take that long? A reinstall is much faster..

(This is an old thread but my reply seems pertinent here.)

I can confirm that upgrading takes really a long time, even on
powerful hardware and by using local nfs instead of optical discs.

I'm trying to upgrade a ppc machine (2x1.8GHz G5, 512MiB RAM,
SATA disk) from FC4 to FC6 by DVD and the first estimated remaining
time was more than 1600 minutes.

Reports from top, vmstat, ps pointed me to one big bottleneck: every
package involving libs runs ldconfig, which takes a lot of time.

So I renamed /mnt/sysconfig/sbin/ldconfig away and replaced with
a copy of /bin/true. The installation speed went up a lot, I'd say
it's 10 times faster now.

I suppose that running ldconfig continously is not useful, it could
be done just once at the end of the upgrade.

The upgrade is still in progress so I don't know if the system
will have problems caused by this trick.


Best regards.

   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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