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Re: Archives of Fedora IRC channels

Max Spevack wrote:
On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I did explain that in the original mail. For contributors and users to look back at what discussions happened in any Fedora channel at any time. Meetings planned or adhoc. Questions that were answered before etc.

I wonder how useful something like that would end up being, just as a bunch of raw data. At least the mailman archives are pretty easy to navigate. Piles of IRC logs... shudder.

Without some way of organizing the information in the logs, it kind of seems like a waste of time, no? And wouldn't the time spent organizing (or writing a program to organize) that info be better spent elsewhere in Fedora?

It's just a matter of running a bot (which already exists) on all the channels. I guess it wouldnt take more than an hour to setup for someone more familiar with it.


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