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Re: Archives of Fedora IRC channels

Rahul Sundaram schrieb:

> It's just a matter of running a bot (which already exists) on all the 
> channels. I guess it wouldnt take more than an hour to setup for someone 
> more familiar with it.

Just playing devils advocate and quoting the last section from
http://freenode.net/channel_guidelines.shtml :

 If you're considering publishing channel logs, think it through.  The
freenode network is an interactive environment. Even on public channels,
most users don't weigh their comments with the idea that they'll be
enshrined in perpetuity. For that reason, few participants publish logs.

If you're publishing logs on an ongoing basis, your channel topic should
reflect that fact. Be sure to provide a way for users to make comments
without logging, and get permission from the channel owners before you
start. If you're thinking of "anonymizing" your logs (removing
information that identifies the specific users), be aware that it's
difficult to do it well—replies and general context often provide
identifying information which is hard to filter.

If you just want to publish a single conversation, be careful to get
permission from each participant. Provide as much context as you can.
Avoid the temptation to publish or distribute logs without permission in
order to portray someone in a bad light. The reputation you save will
most likely be your own.

I think the work and the implication to realize logging are not worth
the trouble and the benefits.


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