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Re: Goodbye, Fedora

Quoting "Eric S. Raymond" <esr thyrsus com>:

> * Persistent failure to maintain key repositories in a sane,
>   consistent state from which upgrades might actually be possible.

Core and Extras merged on future Fedora 7 so there is only one official Fedora

> * Effectively abandoning the struggle for desktop market share.
> * Failure to address the problem of proprietary multimedia formats with
>   any attitude other than blank denial.

Sorry Eric. It seems you are willing to compromise Fedora philosophies on what
it is not: a distribution with default installed closed sources . Since the
installation of Fedora can be customized with the ability to add an external
repository, the point is completely irrelevant.

> I have watched Ubuntu rise to these challenges as Fedora fell away
> from them.  Canonical's recent deal with Linspire, which will give
> Linux users legal access to WMF and other key proprietary codecs, is
> precisely the sort of thing Red-Hat/Fedora could and should have taken
> the lead in.  Not having done so bespeaks a failure of vision which I
> now believe will condemn Fedora to a shrinking niche in the future.

I think you threw away the FOSS philosophies that Fedora applied for a benefit
of patented codecs and popularity. IMHO, Linspire/Canonical means Canonical is
seeking a way to earn moneys with the inclusion of patented codecs on their
free distribution. Have you eared the term "victim of its own success"? There
will be a price to pay.

> This afternoon, I installed Edgy Eft on my main development machine --
> from one CD, not five.  In less than three hours' work I was able to
> recreate the key features of my day-to-day toolkit.  The
> after-installation mass upgrade to current packages, always a
> frightening prospect under Fedora, went off without a hitch.

You should know you can use a boot disk to do a network install a system. Five
CD is aiming for people who don't have broadband connection which is still the
case on many countries.

> I'm not expecting Ubuntu to be perfect, but I am now certain it will
> be enough better to compensate me for the fact that I need to learn
> a new set of administration tools.
> Fedora, you had every advantage, and you had my loyalty, and you blew it.
> And that is a damn, dirty shame.
> --
> 					Eric S. Raymond
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Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project contributor

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