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Re: Goodbye, Fedora

(cutting media cc's)

I told myself I wasn't going to respond, but couldn't resist seeing as I
publicly blogged about switching to Ubuntu 6 months ago, but came back
to Fedora.

> * Persistent failure to maintain key repositories in a sane,
>   consistent state from which upgrades might actually be possible.

You mean rawhide? Rawhide is *meant* to eat babies.

> * A murky, poorly-documented, over-complex submission process.

Getting better - the core+extras merge was never going to be pretty but
I think it's going well and will evolve over a short amount of time to
be very sane.

> * Allowing RPM development to drift and stagnate -- then adding
>   another layer of complexity, bugs, and wretched performance with
> yum. 

Aye, but as other replies have said, RPM is going to be fixed.

Yum on the other hand I agree with. pup, pirut and yum-updatesd all
fight for control for me, and none of them are easy to use or HIG

I'm using synaptic - which seems to be much faster and easier to use
then pirut. The ubuntu software install and update tools are very slick
compared with Fedora.

> * Effectively abandoning the struggle for desktop market share.

Really? Have you hung out in IRC or read the mailing lists recently?

Have you seen the really cool ConsoleKit, PolicyKit and HAL work that's
being done to make fast user switching work?

FC7 will be the first distro supporting ACL's on device objects and
allowing users to switch desktops with stuff like pulseaudio and
gnome-power-manager JUST WORKING.

That's real innovation, and really not abandoning the struggle for the
desktop. Please stop making unquantifiable statements.

> * Failure to address the problem of proprietary multimedia formats
> with any attitude other than blank denial.

Fedoras stance on this is stated. Sure, I watch DVD's and such with the
help of a really easy to use repo beginning with l.

Not shipping the non-free bits makes zero difference to me.

So, please stop using your position and trying to get a headline on

Many thanks.


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