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Re: Goodbye, Fedora

On 2/21/07, Lyvim Xaphir <knightmerc yahoo com> wrote:

I've about had it up to here with this New Slavery crap,

[snip etc]

This is a parody to make ESR look bad... right?  (Don't bother
answering, it was a rhetorical question.)

On a more useful note, does anyone have any idea of exactly which
package ESR is claiming caused the complete meltdown of his system?
Is he actually claiming that "yum update <package>" on a FC6 system
caused the problems that he mentions?  Or is he actually referring to
how the ItEatsBabiesAndYouWereWarned rawhide ate his babies?

This sort of bug report is not helpful as it's slim on concrete
details and leaves a murky wake of confusion.  There's some good
advice on how to avoid that type of thing in these two links:


Oisin Feeley

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