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Experimental KDE 3.80.3 specfiles

I have uploaded my current set of specfiles and parallel-installability patches 
for KDE 3.80.3. These build on my live FC6 system, Mock builds for FC5, FC6 and 
devel still need to be tested. Note that you'll probably need to export 
QA_RPATHS=0x0003 to shut up Mock's rpath checking. (There's actually 2 issues 
here: 1. CMake's rpath handling is all or nothing, if you enable rpaths 
for /opt/kde4/lib, you also get them for /usr/lib and 2. Mock complains even 
about the rpaths in /opt/kde4/lib.) There's another RPM issue too: the 
debuginfo extraction doesn't want to do its job on the libraries 
in /opt/kde4/lib, whereas strangely it works for the binaries in /opt/kde4/bin. 
So you end up with unstripped libraries in the main package and missing 
debuginfo sources in /usr/src/debug.

I currently have packages for kdelibs4, kdepimlibs4 and kdebase4. This is what 
I'm most interested in, because it's all that's needed to port most KDE apps 
(the porting scripts in kdesdk can be helpful, but luckily they're scripts so 
you don't have to compile them ;-) ). It would be best if the people most 
interested in getting the rest of the packages done (e.g. those who can't wait 
for Okular, Ligature or whatever ;-) ) would step in to help getting the rest 

Be warned that /opt/kde4/bin/konqueror crashes immediately if you run it 
without an argument, but if you give it a URL to open, it works (to some 
extent... it's obviously not ready for daily use, this is pre-alpha software 
after all).

Note that I don't know if the kde4.desktop in /usr/share/xsessions actually 
does anything useful, I took that from Chitlesh and fixed the obvious syntax 
error, but I haven't tested it, I'm not interested in running full KDE 4 
sessions anyway at this stage of KDE development.

My specfiles are here:

        Kevin Kofler

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