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Re: Goodbye, Fedora (Limiting -devel to maintainers/contributers/etc?)

Gilboa Davara wrote:

Unless I'm mistaken, the original idea was that -devel members has to be
sponsored before given rw rights.
Being a fedora developer and/or an active -extras maintainer will just
speed things up.

No. fedora-devel-list was originally meant to be developer discussion only. End-user support does not belong here at all. Unfortunately, this list has been increasingly failing us for a few reasons:

- "developer discussion" is a gray area
- policing is a manual process of constant vigilance. Effort today leaves no lasting effects in a few days.

What if more list members helped in the policing, making it an actively hostile place for end-users to post support questions? I dunno...

I'm not saying that -devel should be limited to RH/FC/Extras members
-only-, I am saying that something must be done to improve the
signal-to-noise ratio.

fedora-maintainers was created as an invite only list for this purpose. The signal to noise ratio is a bit better there. I am personally fine with inviting anybody with cvsextras access, or who has done something substantive in infrastructure or docs to that list.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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