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Re: Goodbye, Fedora (Limiting -devel to maintainers/contributers/etc?)

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 15:06 +0000, Andy Green wrote:
> Gilboa Davara wrote:
> >> Restricting access to the mailing list would, IMO, just paint a picture of
> >> Fedora developers as elitists -- and I don't think that's what you're hoping
> >> to achieve.
> > I'm not saying that -devel should be limited to RH/FC/Extras members
> > -only-, I am saying that something must be done to improve the
> > signal-to-noise ratio.
> Is that really true about the ratio?  This ESR "from Hell's heart I stab 
> at thee" stuff is going to stay in its own thread.  You can score the 
> thread to nothing, but really since it does exist and involves Fedora 
> maybe it should get read.

> This "core/moderator only" and "I mustn't be recorded" stuff going on is 
> a pattern I have seen elsewhere.  I hope others have seen where it leads 
> too and maybe have some caution about it :-(  A good idea is a good idea 
> even if it came from the keyboard of a non-anointed person...

I'm not saying that non-contributing user's voice should not be heard.
Far from it.
I am saying that fedora-devel should be dedicated to.... fedora

- Gilboa

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