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Re: DVD only for Fedora "Classic" spin?

Joachim Frieben wrote:

That's excellent news when "FC7T1" e.g. did not even include "gcc".

That's because its a desktop cd and space is not infinite.

I do not know about other users, but in my case, only about [downloaded] 100 MB of packages from "Fedora Extras" are part of my default setup, whereas I certainly have about 85% of the "Core" packages installed [the remainder is essentially composed of "KDE" related packages]. This makes me really wonder if removing the distinction between "Core" and "Extras" was a worthwile task [whereas I fully welcome the use of a unified build system for both]. Doubling the volume of the distribution to increase package coverage [by usage] by less than 10% still seems questionable to me, especially when the impact on install media distribution ["bittorrent"] is so severe.

You have to taken into consideration the general case. Not just yourself.


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