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Re: Goodbye, Fedora

Dnia 21-02-2007, śro o godzinie 03:03 -0500, Eric S. Raymond napisał(a):
> I have watched Ubuntu rise to these challenges as Fedora fell away
> from them.  Canonical's recent deal with Linspire, which will give
> Linux users legal access to WMF and other key proprietary codecs, is
> precisely the sort of thing Red-Hat/Fedora could and should have taken
> the lead in.  Not having done so bespeaks a failure of vision which I
> now believe will condemn Fedora to a shrinking niche in the future. 

But .. WMF is *fully supported in Fedora* 8->

Look at libwmf package wchich provides library for handling this format.
This package provides library for handling WMF files and also gtk+ DSO
loader which enalbes using WMF files for examle in all GTK+/GNOME

You wrote "WMF" but probably in this case you though about "WMV".
Packages with codecs for this and other proprietar formats as sam as in
in Ubunt case are maintained _outside_ core packages set (leagal
reasons) .. so there is no *big/any* diffrence beetween Fedora and
Ubuntu on this area.

Please decide Raymond .. are you have technical problems with Fedora
"packages dependencies" (why are you not describe all your problems on
this list ?) or with legion of "political problems" ? (own problems ?).


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