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Re: The Long Goodbye

Andy Green wrote:
Eric S. Raymond wrote:

Why does "booted from the install media in recovery mode" not feature in this anywhere? Then you could have wgetted


from inside the recovery boot and installed it after a chroot or with --root= on rpm.

Yesterday I rendered this laptop unbootable by broken code I added to the iwlwifi driver sources: I was back up in five minutes thanks to the recovery boot, deleting the driver and rebooting into the kernel so I could fix it and go on.

That experience, like each time I use the recovery boot, left me feeling grateful for the feature and empowered, that even with a half trashed system I can force it back to life. Whereas without it, you were left feeling very different.

same here wanted to install d80211 and deleted all my kernel modules by acciedent (only noticed after reboot; only one kernel installed) I reinstalled the kernel in rescue mode and the system was up and running again in less then 10 min.

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