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Re: Core values

On 2/21/07, Eric S. Raymond <esr thyrsus com> wrote:
Want to fix or scrap the damned patent system? Want to get the damned
DMCA repealed?  Do you want even as little a thing as 3D graphics and
wireless cards with open specs?
> To get these things, we certainly need market share over 30% and probably
need market share over 50%.  We need politicians and vendors to fear
our wrath.

Why not make them irrelevant or obsolete by providing alternatives,
educating people, and making progress a step at a time?

The Ubuntu crowd gets this.  The Fedora crowd doesn't.  That difference is
nowhere near the only reason I'm gone, but it's a big one.

You have your own positions and your own goals. You are entitled to have them.
Other people sometimes have differing goals, and differing positions.
This doesn't make people wrong.

If I wanted an OS stuffed with proprietary software I could run MacOS X.

After many years, a desktop of completely free software finally
satisfies my needs with virtually no compromise. This is not true for
everyone, but it is true for some people. I've been in a situation of
having a mixed system, and it stinks. I don't want to go back. Not an

Be thankful that there exists a Linux distribution which, apparently,
shares your value of short term ease over other factors. This saves
you the trouble of stuffing your free operating system full of
proprietary stuff on your own.

You preference is already provided by someone else, so please don't
demand that I lose the ability to choose a reasonable mainstream
distribution which contains Free Software.

If you are right than surely your solution will win at the end of the
day. So if you are convinced that you are right, why are you wasting
your time ranting about this?

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