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Re: FC6 updates broken deps?

>>>>> "FA" == Florin Andrei <florin andrei myip org> writes:

FA> If I'm not mistaken, yum seems fairly unique in this regard.

FA> I mean, heck, look at Microsoft for example. Their update thing
FA> applies as many patches as possible, and those that cannot be
FA> applied, well duh, they don't get applied and the user is notified
FA> by big honking red icons that something failed.

Yum just doesn't follow the Unix commandline tradition. Unix commands
should succeed quietly, and only show output if it is something the
user asks for. They don't ask whether you really mean it when you tell
them to do something -- heck even cp needs -i to ask whether you want
to clobber a file, and that one is AFAIK a GNUism. They don't block
SIGINT except when absolutely needed, and then only for a short time.

Yum's interface is made for a GUI, where all this interactivity makes
sense. The default should be to do exactly what the user asked, unless
it is impossible. That is, it should take an extra switch to let it
upgrade even when there are broken dependencies, but that extra switch
should not be -y. -y is almost as bad as --force for rpm. There should
probably be a switches to stop yum from upgrading or removing packages
when doing an install.

Add -i and --progress switches to get back the current behaviour, if
people can't live without it. The --progress thing would actually make
sense, if package fetching is slow sometimes. 


(Sorry for the gripe. Yum is a godsend, it is just the interface which
is a pain)

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