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Re: [Mandrakeot] ESR gives up on Fedora

On 2/22/07, Lyvim Xaphir <knightmerc yahoo com> wrote:
Currently the trend with the
Cox's of the world is to abolish the rights of companies and individuals
to protect their own intellectual property rights; at any cost.

Please take your drivel someplace other than my mailbox.

I'm sure you will take this as a horrible affront to your right to
spew bullshit. But rest assured that just as Alan doesn't care if you
choose to wear shackles in private, I don't get a heck about what you
do when it doesn't impact me.

The ONLY thing that has stopped this process.....and I do mean the
ONLY thing, is Linus Torvalds.  He has made it clear that the Linux
kernel will NOT be turned into an ideological tool

For his next feat of magic perhaps he will somehow make ESR (and
apparently you too) less of a tool. ... But I suspect that would be
asking too much.


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