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Re: FC6 updates broken deps?

On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 19:46 +0100, Benny Amorsen wrote:
> >>>>> "FA" == Florin Andrei <florin andrei myip org> writes:
> FA> If I'm not mistaken, yum seems fairly unique in this regard.
> FA> I mean, heck, look at Microsoft for example. Their update thing
> FA> applies as many patches as possible, and those that cannot be
> FA> applied, well duh, they don't get applied and the user is notified
> FA> by big honking red icons that something failed.
> Yum just doesn't follow the Unix commandline tradition. Unix commands
> should succeed quietly, and only show output if it is something the
> user asks for. They don't ask whether you really mean it when you tell
> them to do something -- heck even cp needs -i to ask whether you want
> to clobber a file, and that one is AFAIK a GNUism. They don't block
> SIGINT except when absolutely needed, and then only for a short time.

Blocking SIGINT is one of my "favorites".
Having to Ctrl-Z + kill -9 %% every time I need to kill yum is -very-
(Ignoring, for a second, that lack of consistency with other command
line application.

> Yum's interface is made for a GUI, where all this interactivity makes
> sense. The default should be to do exactly what the user asked, unless
> it is impossible. That is, it should take an extra switch to let it
> upgrade even when there are broken dependencies, but that extra switch
> should not be -y. -y is almost as bad as --force for rpm. There should
> probably be a switches to stop yum from upgrading or removing packages
> when doing an install.
> Add -i and --progress switches to get back the current behaviour, if
> people can't live without it. The --progress thing would actually make
> sense, if package fetching is slow sometimes. 

--skip upgrade should be enabled by default.
Yum should show up a list of packages that are about to upgraded, and
more importantly, packages that are skipped. (With an option to see why
package X has been skipped)
Did I mention that Ctrl-C should be kill yum and -not- switch mirrors??!?!??!

> /Benny
> (Sorry for the gripe. Yum is a godsend, it is just the interface which
> is a pain)

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