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FC6 to Rawhide via repo switch

I recently got my system wedged without having good notes about what happened. So I figured that the simplest path to getting back to a running Rawhide was to install minimally FC6 and change the repos to select development (should extras development be enabled?) and then do an update. I did that and midway through the 1000+ package update the system rebooted leaving me scratching my head wondering if I should distrust this approach or just reboot and try again with another update and hope for the best. I did the latter and have been beset by weird behavior ever since. Like checkbox buttons not echoing properly on GUIs and non elf format conflicts in some bin programs and libraries.

In any case, if it will help to perform that FC6->Rawhide update in a more controlled fashion, I will do so, but only if somebody in particular cares or will define what constraints and expectations are relevant. Doing this at random does seem fraught with the risk of doing so right about the time some normal Rawhide breakage has been unleashed.

Left to my own devices I'll start with a less risky approach to getting to a running Rawhide that I feel is sufficiently "correct" to file bug reports against. To that end I'm open to suggestion, especially references.



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