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Re: DVD only for Fedora "Classic" spin?

Oh no - I´ve got an older machine and it can´t boot DVD´s an excuse to upgrade I guess.

On 21/02/07, Jesse Keating < jkeating redhat com> wrote:
For Test2, I'm planning on doing the Fedora "Classic" spin for folks to work
with.  Doing the Everything spin at this point is just going to take up a LOT
of bandwidth / space for such a temporary thing.  I do believe we'll have a
Desktop (Gnome) LiveCD as well, perhaps a KDE one if the KDE folks kick some

That said, we've toyed with the idea of doing DVD iso only for the Classic
(and Everything) spin.  Easy enough for me to do in pungi, I'll just set the
cd size to 4.5G and produce one iso.

So, how much hate will be thrown my way if we just do a DVD sized iso for
Test2's Classic spin?

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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David Hunter
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