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Re: [Mandrakeot] ESR gives up on Fedora

On Fri, 2007-02-23 at 04:39 -0500, Lyvim Xaphir wrote:

> The authors should decide what to do with their own work.  NOT ANYBODY

You should understand that "property" is natural only for physical
objects, just because possession of a physical object can be controlled
by physical means and cannot be easily replicated.

Abstract objects like ideas, but also anything that can be replicated at
zero cost without destroying the original, can't be subject to real

Only society rules, abstract themselves!, can grant anything. Still,
even if you declare by law that the world is flat, you are not changing
reality, you are just making a rule.

"Intellectual Property" is a brainwashing term that tries to make you
think non physical matter can be owned the same way physical matter can
That's not true, and applying that way of thinking to non physical goods
can only lead to stupid consequences. As it is _not natural_ to treat
"Intellectual Property" like physical property, as it is not, the
maximum you can achieve is social tension at best.

That said I'd like to remember you that EVERYBODY here base their own
work and rules ON copyright. By this very fact it means that everybody
IS following the rules of this CAPITALISTIC society, and you have no
right whatsoever to say the contrary until you bring proof people is
acting against the rules.

Your babbling about socialism, communism, fascism, and whatnot, is just
bi-speaking and mystification, and is based on nothing concrete.

Drivers developers know the rules of the Kernel, the rules based on
society rules called COPYRIGHT, and rules DECIDED by the AUTHORS that

So please go show your bi-speak somewhere else, this is a development
list, not a "failed mad politician list".


Simo Sorce <ssorce redhat com>
Sr Software Engineer
Base Operating Systems
Red Hat Inc.

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