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Re: [EPEL] EPEL -- the way forward

On 2/23/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
Stephen John Smoogen schrieb:
> One of the things I have run into for needs for Extras for Enterprise
> at various sites is that there are three different camps you need to
> be able to satisfy.
> Camp1 wants the same release for the lifetime of the product until it
> can no longer be patched. So if clamav-0.88.1 was what was released
> then they want patches backported until the end of the 7 years of
> support for say RHEL-4. So when 4.5.1 comes out, they want only things
> updated that have security updates and not API/ABI changes. Currently
> they will take FCL-3 for say RHEL-4 and use whatever is in that repo
> til time ends.
> Camp2 wants general updates to match the quarterly release cycle. They
> dont want to upgrade every 4 days to the latest, but they want
> technology upgrades at regular times. So say clamav is the same for
> RHEL-4.5.0 but want 4.6.0 to have whatever is considered stable at
> that time. Currently they are taking a src.rpm from say FCL-5 and when
> FCL-6 comes out upgrading to what was in there. They will upgrade
> other stuff when it is needed.
> Camp3 wants to get the latest stuff when it is available. They need it
> for whatever project and are basically wanting a 'barely-qa'd
> rawhide'. Currently they are taking Fedora rawhide and compiling it to
> meet daily/weekly needs.
> One thing we need to figure out what we can afford to do. I think
> Camp3 is the easiest for volunteers to do.. and Camp2 has the largest
> number of people. Camp1 should be left to people who are going to be
> paid for it. It takes the most work and has the least 'reward'.

My 2 cent:

Agreed for Camp1 -- it should be left to people who are going to be paid
for it.

For the other stuff: I'm targeting something like a mix in the middle
between Camp2 and Camp3 (with some bits of Camp1 maybe) for EPEL (maybe
a bit more closer to Camp2 than Camp3). Always the latest stuff IMHO is
what we have Fedora for; I also think that's its unrealistic to even try
to always ship the latest apps: Just try now to build a certain apps
from Extras for RHEL4 -- you will run into trouble now and then, as
RHEL4 ships with gtk2-2.4, but there are quite a few apps these days
that require gtk2-2.6.


Has the demand for one particular type of application been higher than
another?  For example, most shops I see with RHEL/CentOS are in
runlevel 3, so QT/GTK applications are minimal.   Is anyone seeing
things that are different?   Also, will things like Tremulous be
allwoed in EPEL?  It's not that I want it in there, I am just curious.

I would love to show real value of EPEL to my employer as it matures.

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