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Re: Slightly OT: bad rap for Fedora, and realistic effects

Michael Schwendt wrote:

I just want to address the myth that there is a boatload of 'internal'
discussion on Fedora. I work for Red Hat. I am privy to all the internal
email lists. I use Fedora as a desktop at work and at home. I
participate as much as I am able in the Fedora Community, and lurk
mostly on the Fedora mailing lists. I am not a developer.

I can tell you with clarity, confidence and complete honesty - THERE IS
NO SECRET COBALE within Red Hat that discusses or steers the Fedora
project. It is a Community Project.

The only discussions I see internally about Fedora are 'How can we make
it better, how can we be more open, and how do we make our ( Red Hat )
contributions to the Fedora Project better'.

I get the feeling you have managed to convince yourself that there is
some malevolent influence at work in Fedora, and we may never convince
you otherwise... But we can try.


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