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Re: Detecting the need for additional kernel options?

2007/2/24, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>:
Michel Salim schrieb:
> Is Anaconda currently checking the machine configuration against a
> compatibility database? On some AMD64 laptops (including my HP L2000),
> the machine would lock up randomly (without any log message) if booted
> without "noapic" (I added "nosmp" for good measure).
> Perhaps a user-maintainable database; we can consider tying it in with
> Smolt so that only users who own a particular model can submit
> required kernel options for it (to verify ownership, give the user a
> token that they must pass to Smolt, e.g. smoltSendProfile
> --key=AF32EBD4008)

Why not fix it in the kernel once and for all? That has benefits for
everyone, as no user has to care about options ever again and the
problems get fixed in all distributions over time...

That'd be ideal, unfortunately, in this case I just realize my
original quickfix is probably not right -- I still get intermittent
crashes (with the screen going a bit blurry if the monitor is on at
that moment).


Michel Salim

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