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Re: Is there room for improvement in rescue mode? (was Re: Goodbye, Fedora)

Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta <at> gmail.com> writes:

> On 2/22/07, Thomas M Steenholdt <tmus <at> tmus.dk> wrote:
> > In all fairness, I wouldn't have performed that backup neither, as I
> > expect is true for a lot of even semi-knowledgable sysadmins and generic
> > linux powerusers. Not sor something as simple as this. However - There
> > is still the rescue mode that's been mentioned a few times already,
> > which could have fixed the issue in a matter of minutes. Without the backup!
> In an effort to chart a new course of constructive discussion... is it
> worth brainstorming a bit about how to make rescue mode better or more
> accessible?

Let's just make sure that we don't advertise that not doing backups before
performing dangerous stuff on your system is the way to go. Once you enter the
rescue mode, you have to be thinking "even if this doesn't work, I'm still
good", not "shit, if this doesn't work, I'm completely screwed".

Going back to the original problem of ESR not using the rescue disk, do we
actually know why he didn't use it? Did he even know of its existence? Maybe
that's the problem - people don't know it's there and what can be done with it...


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