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Re: [Mandrakeot] ESR gives up on Fedora

Dnia 26-02-2007, pon o godzinie 21:42 +0200, Avi Kivity napisał(a):
> The light bulb makers used their own brains to invent something new,  
> without stealing the candlemaker's bright ideas.
No, it's the same idea - an idea that we can make light when it's dark.
It's only a difference in implementation. If you don't get that, think
about the invention of CFL when there are already light bulbs.

> That's called  
> progress.  The bicycle cloners invented nothing
It's hard to clone something. They would rather make their own
implementation of an idea. In order to sell their bicycles they would
have to make it better in some way. We'd get bicycles that are
cheaper/better/lighter/whatever than original. _That's_ called progress.
It's also called competition, which is good for the consumer. You, on
the other hand, are advocating monopolies.

> (except the cloning  
> machine; they could be rich unless someone cloned _that_)
Yeah, yeah. Whenever someone clones the real clone machine (that can
clone anything) and starts to sell that, next day there will be no
famine in the world. But you say it's bad for mankind to clone things.

> you can probably appreciate  
> the amount of effort that goes into producing software.  That effort
> has  
> value.  Allowing anyone to copy it reduces that value.
How many times did you buy a program that had 1000 functions, but you
needed it for just one? Is the program worth $1000 for you? No. But hey,
the idea of that one function is patented and no one can write a simple
program doing just that.

I fully understand that making The Big Program took 10 years of work for
100 programmers. But don't make me pay for things I don't need.

Again, there's also the monopoly behind such program which idea can't be
copied. The company will stop making any improvements because they
already know you will pay anyhow and no one can make a better program

If you're so convinced that we have to protect ideas, because otherwise
people will stop inventing things, make a software patent last 1 year.
If the company can make a good product out of the brilliant idea, they
can make billions during the year. Otherwise, don't stop the competition
from doing it better.

And please, think, what takes more time - thinking about a nice feature
or actually implementing it?


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