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Re: Synaptics touchpad doesn't work on a mac book pro

Rafael EspĂ­ndola skrev:
I am trying to make the synaptics touchpad work on fedora. I am
following the instructions on

The first problem is that some modules (mousedev, usbhid and evdev)
are compiled builtin. Why?. I compiled a custom kernel with them as

To force the order in which they are loaded, I added the following
line to modprobe.conf:

install mousedev   /sbin/modprobe usbhid     && /sbin/modprobe
--ignore-install mousedev
install usbhid     /sbin/modprobe appletouch && /sbin/modprobe
--ignore-install usbhid
install appletouch /sbin/modprobe evdev      && /sbin/modprobe
--ignore-install appletouch
install evdev      /sbin/modprobe uhci_hcd   && /sbin/modprobe
--ignore-install evdev

Is there a better way to do it?

Unfortunately, X still can't find the synaptics:

Query no Synaptics: 6003C8
(EE) Synaptics Touchpad no synaptics touchpad detected and no repeater device
(EE) Synaptics Touchpad Unable to query/initialize Synaptics hardware.
(EE) PreInit failed for input device "Synaptics Touchpad"

I will try to upgrade the synaptics driver. Does anyone has another suggestion?


I have the same problem on my macbook (not pro). The touchpad is identified as a generic mouse and lacks a lot of features. This is fedora 7 test1 btw.


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