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I don't know if somebody is working on this but I've created a live cd
with KDE for fc6-i386 with the livecd-tools. So far it seems to work
quite fine.

The livecd-files based on the ones from David Zeuthen [1]. I've just
created a config for a kde live spin which requires livecd-base-package.

What I have done:
- created 20-fedora-livecd-kde.conf
- removed most gnome packages and gnome settings
- included kde packages [2] (just to fill the cd)
- not included gdm to start kdm automatically
- inserted "startkde" in /home/fedora/.xsession
- made autologin for user "fedora" work with kdm
- also set user "fedora" as default and recent user (if somebody logs
  out of kde)
- replaced redhat-web.desktop and redhat-email.desktop with "konqueror
  --profile webbrowsing" and kmail in kicker (firefox and
  evolution are not included)

The size of the cd is actually ~570 MB.

The files to create the live cd could be found here:

Perhaps this could be a start for someone (eg. the KDE-SIG?).


[1] http://people.redhat.com/davidz/livecd/i386/
[2] http://www.deadbabylon.de/fedora/livecd/20-fedora-livecd-kde.conf

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