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Re: naming scheme for fonts packages?

Jatin Nansi wrote:
Why not fonts-<script_name> instead of fonts-<language_name>. For example, fonts-hindi is also the font used for marathi, nepali, and sanskrit. So just use fonts-devnagri.

Right, I do agree with that. We really need to distinguish the (spoken/written) language from the script itself. And some languages can also be written in more than one script for example.

(Which is why I still rather like the name fonts-tibetan for the Tibetan script fonts.)

Having said that, using script names rather than language names does make the naming a little less obvious to non-native users and developers. But I see that as less of a problem since normal users shouldn't really have to worry about the names of fonts packages for languages but just use pirut to add appropriate language support.


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