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Re: Fedora 7

Robert Scheck wrote:
> Sounds nice, even I'm curious whether this can be realized until April.
> And What will be the release tagging of the new "Fedora 7"? Won't there be
> no magic .fc7 dist any longer? IMHO .f7 looks odd and causes problem with
> rpmvercmp. We could take this as reason to rename Fedora again ;-)

The %dist tag could be expanded to something like ".fedora7" instead (which is
greater than ".fc6" according to rpmvercmp.

>> - Investigate (but probably don't switch to) new init technologies
>> - Switch to syslog-ng
> Aren't these two not the same and don't they conflict each other? Or did I
> understand something wrong?

syslog-ng is (may become) the new system logging daemon, to replace syslogd
as-is. The new init technologies referred to are ideas like InitNG or similar
that work with or replace the older SysVinit stuff to help increase the
boot time and efficiency by doing things such as preloading, asynchronous
startups where possible, potential D-Bus integration, etc. They are not the
same thing. :]

> So far, so good. Anyway you all hopefully slipped very well into 2007.

Agreed. Go go go Fedora! WOO! :D
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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