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Re: Fedora 7

Em Qui, 2007-01-04 às 14:50 -0500, Bill Nottingham escreveu:

> - Make wireless rock-solid
> - Add wireless firmware for all the chipsets we can

I'm quite new to Fedora (came from other distros), and some things I'll
be discussing bellow may already be implemented somehow, but I couldn't
easily find them. If that's the case, please ignore me.

Speaking about wireless, I would have two suggestions:

#1 - Having some *very* easy way to switch between NetworkManager and
regular 'ifup'. I know SUSE has something similar: you just go into
their network configuration tool and select a radio box (Use NM / Use
ifup). It would be cool for laptop users that roam a lot (like me). If
there is nobody available to work on that, I would be glad to if you
point me the directions on whom should I coordinate with.

#2 - Improving the system-config-securitylevel. This I need to split in

#2.1 - The current way of setting up firewall rules is excessively
simple, and makes it very difficult to have simple things like internet
connection sharing for a home network. It would be very cool to have the
ability to configure a simple 1:N NAT and some port redirection.

#2.2 - The local firewall has no logging feature. It's quite difficult
for a user/home admin to know why something is not working if you don't
have any kind of logs about what is being dropped because of the
firewall blocking. Probably having logging enabled by default could be
just overkill (most end-users won't care about it), but having a way to
enable/configure logging would help those people a lot.

I think I can help with most things suggested, I just need to know where
to start. :)

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