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Re: Fedora 7

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 21:25 -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> On Thursday 04 January 2007 9:21 pm, Dave Jones wrote:
> > On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 09:18:00PM -0600, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> >  > > I'm not sure this is the right answer - it's certainly the wrong
> >  > > question to be asking the user in general. For the cases that NM hits
> >  > > now, we'd want to fix any cases that would cause people to want to
> >  > > switch to ifup, at least.
> >  >
> >  > I think the right Answer is to make NM cover all cases.
> >
> > The biggest hurdle afaics, is that NM treats a network connection
> > as a per-user thing rather than a system wide thing.
> > Having to log in before you can use the network is busted.
> according to the TODO list for 0.7  working before you log in is one of the 
> goals.  Which will help when using network authentication. 

It would be nice if NM supported profiles too.  Like "Home" and "Office"
where it sets up /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf to be what you'd want
for the two different networks.

Maybe that isn't one of the goals, but it'd make moving around a hell of
a lot easier.


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