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Re: Fedora 7

Josh Boyer írta:
On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 00:10 +0100, Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
Bill Nottingham írta:
It's time to bite the bullet.
- Add wireless firmware for all the chipsets we can
Speaking of hardware that needs firmware to work at all,
how about adding the foo2zjs driver and the firmware for
the cheap HP LaserJet series like 1000/1015/1018/1020?

Is it freely redistributable?  URL?


The COPYING file says:

Copyright HP...
   sihp1000.img (2001)
   sihp1005.img (2002)
   sihp1018.img (2005)
   sihp1020.img (2005)
   hpclj2600n-0.icm (2003) 3700

Copyright Konica Minolta...
   CPWL12W.icm (1998)
   CPWL24W.icm (1998)
   CPWL6W.icm (1998)
   DL2200RGB.icm (1999)
   DL2312.icm (2001)
   DL2324.icm (2001)
   km2430_0.icm (2003)
   km2430_1.icm (2003)
   km2430_2.icm (2003)

Copyright Rick Richardson.  All Rights Reserved.
   hpclj2600n-1.icm (2006)

Everything else is...
                      Version 2, June 1991
... (regular GPLv2 COPYING continues)

So, the same treatment would apply to the HP
firmwares and HP/Minolta ICM files as to
the wireless firmwares: find lawyers and
have the vendors to make them redistributable.
Anyway, these files are on their respective driver CDs,
with the slight exception of the sihp* files above.
In my case, on the driver disk for the HP 1020,
these files can be found:


These have to be run through the "arm2hpdl"
program which foo2zjs provides and which
prepends a small PJL header:

And I know that the driver is in Livna,
but it provides neither the HP firmware files
nor the needed hotplug/udev scripts to
upload them when the system encounters
such a printer on boot or when the printer
is turned on. foo2zjs has them in the .tar.gz.
Well, for the case of HP 1020, it carries an older
firmware release (20040929) and the newer
one (20050318) that's on the driver disk
makes the printer speedier.

And in case you wonder, the whole ZJStream
protocol is open so a GPL driver could have
been written. Link can be found on the
foo2zjs homepage.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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