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Fedora Desktop vs. Fedora Desktop {GNOME,KDE} (was: Re: Fedora 7)

On 04.01.2007 22:22, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
Yes, Fedora Desktop and Fedora Server will probably be the official Fedora Project spins of Fedora. Fedora KDE is the proof of concept, perhaps widely used "community contributed" spin of Fedora. That's why (IMHO) its named specifically with "KDE" whereas the official spin is just "Desktop". If you don't know what "KDE" or "GNOME" is, you wouldn't know to choose it. Desktop is a good generic name that is understandable. However if you already know and prefer KDE, you know to get the KDE spin.
It would be consistent to have something like
Fedora Desktop (GNOME edition) and
Fedora Desktop (KDE edition)
It's confusing and discriminatory to call one of the spins as the desktop when you have more (which is likely to increase) than one desktop oriented spins.

+1 from me to this as a long term Gnome user that's not much interested in KDE; but I know others are.

This issue brings up a interesting question: Which board has the power to influence and adjust this particular naming scheme in our new "merged" world? FESCo or the Fedora Board?


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